5 years, 30 countries, countless adventures

Five years ago I made a bet with this guy, a stupid bet that I thought I would win. We were at the bar of our hostel in Cambodia (Siem Reap), we hadn’t known each other long – you know, a traveller ‘fling’. For some crazy reason, this guy wanted to bet that we would still be together in five years’ time. We were both from different continents, were travelling separately, and had plans to go our own ways – what did I have to lose?

Siem Reap, Cambodia – 2013

I agreed to this ludicrous wager: if we were still together in five years time, he would get to decide where we live. If we were no longer together then the whole thing would become irrelevant, right?

Middle of Nowhere, Australia – 2015

Fast forward five years and thirty countries(!) later – boy am I glad that I trust Devin’s judgement because I guess I’ll be living wherever he chooses! It’ll probably be some tropical island someplace, and funnily enough, I’m ok with that.

Able Tasman, New Zealand – 2016

It is hard to believe that five years have gone by already. We have been through more than most couples experience in a lifetime-long relationship. Our bond has been tried and tested, then tried again, and it is as strong as ever.

Krka National Park, Croatia – 2017

We got through a year apart, only seeing each other twice in that time, then at the other end of the spectrum, in the past four years have been together pretty much 24/7 – FOR FOUR YEARS. We are both still alive, and now that has got to say something!

Chefchaouen, Morocco – 2017

We have travelled SE Asia together, been on diving adventures together, lived in a big yellow van that was broken down more often than it was running together (Eileen, we miss you). We spent a year in New Zealand where we lead almost normal lives (good to know we can actually function in the ‘regular world’ too). We drove across half of Europe on a budget and still didn’t murder one another. We lived on a 38ft boat and crossed an ocean together – that’s crazy! Now we are in Japan – something we never planned – but life is funny like that, it throws all sorts at you. Go through it with the right person at your side and you will always come out standing at the other end.

On Haji, Atlantic Ocean – 2017

So here is what I guess I am saying – sometimes travel relationships work out. Sometimes the distance is worth the effort. It is never going to be easy, and you have to have a tough partnership, but you can do it (probably, maybe – not many couples are as kick-ass as us). But here we are five years later, and I think we are doing ok.

Kagawa, Japan – 2018

P.S. Devin, I love you, just don’t screw this whole ‘place to live’ thing up! (I told the people that I trust your judgement…)

Atlanta, USA – 2016

Keep scrolling if you want to see a few more cute photos of us… I had too many to choose from!

Savanes des petrifications, Martinique – 2018
Iya Valley, Japan – our new ‘home’ – 2018
Las Palmas, Canary Islands – 2017
Auckland, NZ – 2017
Roy’s peak, NZ – 2017
Iya Valley, Japan – 2018


  1. HELLO, I started to read this blog and my heart started to beat fast. I thought you were going to say something exciting like, “we are getting married” but you didn’t say that. Now that my heart has slowed down, I guess just knowing that you two will be staying together for many years to come is great with me…I’m hoping that you pick an island that is not too far away. I would love to visit you. Love you both so much and miss you…

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