What is Plane Sailing

The expression ‘Plane Sailing’ (later ‘plain sailing’) originated in the 17th century and was used in nautical navigation when the earth was believed to be flat. The Earth being spherical however, meant using this method to navigate across latitude and longitude was more approximate than exact. Which is where we come in, travelling the world in an approximate manner, never truly knowing where we will end up.

We wander without aim, we travel for travel’s sake. I believe it was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said “life is a journey, not a destination.” You could say we live by these words.
Over the past three years of travel, we have accumulated many anecdotes which we love to recall regularly. Unfortunately, many end up as faded memories.
In founding this blog, we have created a way to not only document our adventures, but to share our experiences too.

Our love of diving, our culinary curiosity, and our passion for exploring off the beaten track will all make their mark on this blog. Our upcoming expedition – sailing down the coast of Europe, to the Canary Islands, before arriving in Saint Lucia – will feature as we make a start on the preparations. Learn how we spend less on necessities, and more on unnecessaries. Finally, we will share our tips and tricks that we discover along the way (why learn from your mistakes, when you can learn from ours?)

We hope to inform, amuse, and inspire our readers – travellers and sedentary folk alike. Follow us as we lead with our hearts and stomachs, wherever they may take us.

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