From boat life in the Caribbean to farm living in Japan

***If you don’t feel like reading the intro – jump to the bottom of the page to watch the vlog on how we ended up here***

If you have been following this blog, you will know that we spent the last eight months living on a 38ft home built sailing boat, and sailed from France to the Caribbean.

When we finally decided it was time to move on, only one question remained: where to? (Reminder: Devin is American, I am British, so we need to travel to countries that easily accommodate us both). We signed up to a website called and started browsing. Our original intentions were to head to South America, as we were already in the Caribbean, however a post about Japan caught our eye.

An old, traditional farmhouse – pretty much in the middle of nowhere – was in need of some caretakers. People to cut the grass, water the plants, cultivate the (very steep) land… We joked about it: “sounds like some crazy thing we would do. Go to a place in Japan no one has ever heard of. Ha ha ha.” and eventually decided to send off an email because “it never hurts to know more.” A couple of emails, Skype calls, and a few months later we were on the plane to Osaka.

People kept asking us what we would be doing, where we were going, and to be honest, we didn’t really have an answer for them. It was a complete leap of faith into the unknown. But luckily we are always up for an adventure. So here we are, ‘living’ in Iya, ‘farming’ on a mountain, and learning as we go.

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