Happy New Year! – Plane Sailing year in review

With the year coming to an end, we decided to do a quick wrap up of 2016 and let you in on our plans for 2017.

It has been a rather slow year for Plane Sailing Blog. We kicked the year off in Western Australia, where we finished up our Working Holiday Visas before heading over to Indonesia mid-January. We spent a blissful month in the sun exploring various Indonesian Islands – our second visit to the country. Komodo being a definite highlight of the trip!

Komodo (20)

From there – after a brief stop-over in Sydney – we arrived in Christchurch, the city we would call home for the next year. We have enjoyed living here; working full time, only travelling for short bursts at a time, it has been a very different pace to the one we are used to. Only a quick trip over to the States broke up our stay.
However, as 2017 dawns, we will be entering a transitional phase. With only a few weeks remaining on our working visas, it will soon be time to pack up our lives into our rucksacks once more, and get back to our life on the road!

Church of the good shepherd - Tekapo

Starting by spending a couple of months really getting to know the country we have been living in for the past year, we plan to spend a little time on the South Island before we get the ferry over to the North Island. Once our time is up here, we plan to shoot over to Tonga for a little ‘holiday’ before we head back to Europe.

Here is where the big plans come into play! After spending a few weeks travelling around the UK, a little vacation in Croatia (potentially via Italy), we will be preparing Sailing Vessel Haji for her epic, adventurous journey. In August 2017 we will depart France on this fine sailing boat, head down the coast to Spain, Portugal, Madeira, and finally over to the Canaries. (Jetting over to Morocco briefly to brake up the sailing a bit). In November we begin to race. We will be racing from the Canary Islands, via Cape Verde, all the way to St Lucia in the Caribbean, where we will arrive in time for Christmas!


It is a jam-packed schedule that promises lots of adventure, photos, and great blog posts! We hope you will be there with us along the way.

Happy New Year, everyone, love Devin and Amy – the faces behind Plane Sailing Blog.

Devin and Amy

May 2017 bring you much joy and many adventures too.

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