Kayaking Abel Tasman National Park!

One of my favourite places on earth is Abel Tasman National Park, at the northern tip of New Zealand’s South Island. Crystal clear waters, turquoise bays, and beautiful sandy beaches. With isolated lagoons to explore, and waterfalls that you can claim all to yourself, it is an adventurer’s paradise!

I have vivid memories of sailing here when I was ten, and knew we had to return on this trip. As our Christmas present, my mum kindly paid for us to do a kayak trip around Abel Tasman, the perfect way to get around, as most places are accessible by boat only (others by boat or foot). 
We planned a three day ‘freedom’ rental, meaning we were unguided and free to roam pretty much where we pleased. Campsites were booked for each of our two nights, and we could plan our little expedition around them. 

We spent a magical three days paddling, hiking, snorkeling, and generally relaxing in this gorgeous corner of the world. 

Devin has put together this awesome little video (our first attempt at ‘vloging’) so we can share our experience with you. We hope you enjoy it, and do not hesitate to let us know what you think! 

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