Ship’s Log n°7 – Mindelo, MindGoodbye

Posted on 19/11/2017 to World Cruising

It was a short turn around in Mindelo. Our first afternoon was dedicated to the floating bar at the marina, swapping stories and congratulating our ARC+ friends on completing the first leg. A half day was all we could afford however, as repairs and provisioning were of paramount importance during our short stay. Cold beer and good company kept us there later than intended, but it was much deserved for all.

The first full day we managed to get our repairs sorted and most of our provisioning done. Our laundry was sent out first thing and returned eight hours later. That evening we attended the awards ceremony for leg one where, much to our dissappintment, we didn’t win anything. Don’t even get me started on the joke that is the handicapping system. Two Hallberg-Rassy’s, a Moody, and an Ovni with better handicaps than us, and Twenty-Twenty with a worse one?! Someone needs to reevaluate that. Haji not being a racing boat and this only being a cruising race, the results mattered little, and it was good to have an evening to mingle with our friends, and crews we hadn’t yet seen.

A surprisingly hangover free day followed and we sorted the rest of our provisioning, save the fresh meat and bread. I even managed to resupply my fishing tackle in a small local shop. Later I met an older local man who spoke excellent English and was a shoe shiner by trade. Even though I had all my fishing kit, he insisted on helping me find a fishing shop, and after walking around for an hour I found myself in the most local bar ever which also had lures and line. Wild eyed locals stared at me as I entred and feeling awkward, I ordered a beer. Everyone else was drinking a homemade rum the owner made and when my new friend asked if I would buy him one I ordered one for each of us. It went down like fire and when I asked for my bill it came to less than €2. In the evening we had a nice meal at Mindelo Cafe with our ARC+1 friends from Madrisa of Poole. The food was decent, the price a tad high to be honest. Amy and I called it an early night and headed back to Haji for a little TV and a good night’s sleep.

Morning broke and it was an early start for all. The marina was a hive of activity. Last minute repairs, provisions, showers, and checkouts had the place buzzing. Amy, the Bosun, and I headed to the butchers to purchase fresh meat, and the skipper stayed onboard making last minute preparations. Straight off the carcass the meat came, a tad less fresh than if it were still mooing. We headed back to Haji and from there it was all a bit of a blur. Before we knew what was happening, the engine was starting and we were slipping the lines. Our whirlwind stop was over. So long Mindelo. It’s been fun.

Haji Out.

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