Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today…

Okay, actually I am leaving in a two weeks (eeek!), but I do want to be a part of it, New York, New York…

Despite being born and raised in central London, I am not a city girl. Between my home in the city, and living in rural France on an old farm, I much preferred the latter. This preference is apparent in my travel style also. Where possible, I try to avoid large cities. I have explored Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Dublin, Paris, Saigon (HCM city), Kuala Lumpur etc. and have enjoyed them all, however I keep my stay down to a few days max. Therefore the level of excitement I am experiencing about visiting New York City in a few weeks is surprising even to me. I am unable to say what exactly it is I want to do, but I am eager to discover the city that is part of Dev’s roots.

The nature of who we are means that, as usual, the trip will be massively based around food. I might not know where I want to go, but want I want to eat is a different matter. Devin is always going on about how this or that food is so good in NY (and how the bagels are as they are because of the water…) and the ‘problem’ is, I want to try it all. I have already laid down the rule that we are only getting one of everything – there simply aren’t enough meals and snacks in two and a half days to tick everything off the list. Our sharing skills shall be put to the test during our brief visit! (If we didn’t have a very important wedding to attend a few days later, we would be pigging out, trust me.)

Obviously, bagels are high up on my list, and we are currently researching the best spots in the city to enjoy them (suggestions welcome!) Cheesecake, it would seem, is a must as I continue to insist that chilled cheesecake is where it’s at, only to be told repeatedly that I am wrong “you don’t know what you’re talking about, you’ve never even had New York baked cheesecake!” Devin had better try hard to find me the best cheesecake out there. Hot dogs, cheese dogs, chili dogs – however it is you eat your dogs, I guess I had better try one or two of them too (Nathan’s at Coney Island, I’ve been told). Knish is up there as well. Then, do I even need to mention pizza? No, of course I don’t. Pizza is a given. Sandwiches from a jewish deli… Duh! My mouth is watering as I write this, so I had better just round this list off with the possibility of a burger or two (or three – man, I love burgers).

New York Bagels

Even I admit that there has to be some kind of balance, so walking is going to be a necessity in order to burn off some of those calories. Maybe a bike ride through Central Park? As much as I would love to do all the amazing things that New York has to offer, there simply will not be time this turn around, leading me to have to pick and choose. We will be going against the grain and planning this trip down to the minute in order to maximize our (well, mostly my) New York experience. So far, one booking has been made so now I just need to work around it to fill our days.

Statue Of Liberty

On our first evening, we will be enjoying sunset from Top of the Rock, the viewing platform at the top of the Rockefeller Center. This is the one expensive attraction that I have permitted myself to indulge in. It is not a cheap city to visit, but like anywhere else, I am sure that when you do it right, you can come in under budget. Top of the Rock will hopefully be the only big spend of our two days – and fingers crossed it is totally worth it! We planned carefully to book a time slot that would allow us to enjoy the views during daylight, to then watch the sunset, and hang around for the spectacular nightscape that the city lights offer. Although the Empire State building is the more touristy spot, Top of the Rock should offer us prime viewing to capture a more iconic shot of the city, as it will feature the famous landmark itself.

From the Rockefeller Center, we should be able to take advantage of night time and our proximity to Times Square to swing by as it is sort of a must for your first time in NYC!

View of New York City

Catch the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty, explore Central Park, stroll around Coney Island, Brooklyn bridge, perhaps a Speak-Easy tour to mix things up a little? What would your suggestions and tips be to make our trip a memorable one?

New York City

Find out what we decided to do (and how much we really ate) in the upcoming blogs!

┬áP.S. We now have something else – totally awesome – planned. It shall remain a surprise until a later date!

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