Three Weeks to Freedom

How does it feel? In a word – terrifying. We have spent a year having a home, making friends, working, and getting settled. It seems the time has come round to pack everything up again very quickly. We have come full circle, and now it is time to hit the road again.

on the road

‘Why is that terrifying’? I hear you say. Well, we both know that in three weeks, once we down tools for the final time, that will be the end of our paychecks and steady income for the foreseeable future (let’s say, at least the next twelve months). We are no strangers to travelling on a tight budget, however we are quite accustomed to South-East Asian prices. New Zealand is a whole different ball game. Food is expensive, accommodation never cheap – even camping puts a large dent in the daily budget – and fuel is downright outrageous. We are going to have to plan carefully, and spend wisely, all the while making sure we have an amazing time, and experience this breathtaking country to its fullest.


The financial aspect is not the only downside. This is the longest we have stayed in one spot for three years! We have made incredible friends, making it very hard to say goodbye. As I always point out, although we meet great people while travelling, it is all too common to leave them without ever having known their names. This time, it will be like leaving family.

On top of that, we have SO MUCH STUFF! Boy, can you accumulate a lot of shit in one short year! It was just so nice to have our own tiny little home for a while, that I couldn’t help but transform it into just that: a home. Now we need to get rid of everything once more, and shove all our remaining belongings into our combined 125L of rucksack real-estate.

lego hiker

Most of all, stronger than the apprehension and stress, is the sheer excitement. Although that feeling is occasionally overcome by the former, it is exhilarating to think of all the plans we have, and the adventures that life has in store for us. Travelling isn’t always just fun and games, it has its tough moments too. I have no doubt that we are about to encounter our fair share. However, we hope you will be with us the whole way – through the ups and the downs, the highs and lows – because this is Plane Sailing’s Year of Adventure!

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